We are blessed with Reverend Liz leading us in many ways, espcially worship every Sunday. We are also thankful to have many leaders that make St. Andrew's a great place to be on any day of the week.

We have included short bios for our Priest, Wardens, and Music Director. We have also described the important ministry of our Lay Readers, Servers and Altar Guild. Scroll down to learn more about your leaders at St. Andrew.

Reverend Liz Richens

 The Reverend Liz Richens Incumbent The Rev. Liz Richens has been a priest in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land since 2009, during which time she has served in several churches, including the successful merger of three churches into a new parish and mission center.

She received a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Winnipeg, followed by her Master of Divinity at Trinity College, University of Toronto.  She continues to study, attending conferences and reading on a regular basis in order to keep up to date on contemporary theology.  She also has been increasing her knowledge in the secular sectors with courses on communication, physical and mental first aid, as well as project management.

Rev. Liz has been married to her husband Andy, a tattoo artist, for 13 years and has an eight year old son named Sydney.  Their home also includes a canine companion named Harley.

She has travelled extensively, notably throughout Canada, Israel and Japan.  Although she hasn’t travelled too much recently, their family normally hosts international students and they enjoy meeting the people and having the experience of this ministry of hospitality.

Rev. Liz is also a Scout leader with the Cub Scouts, including her son, and together they spend time planning adventures, paddling and camping.  Their family also goes camping throughout the year.  Other hobbies and activities Rev. Liz enjoys are gardening, reading in her hammock, baking, and a variety of needlework.  During COVID she has spent the majority of her time homeschooling her son, expanding her garden and completing a variety of sewing projects. 

Susan Chadwick
Deputy Warden

Susan Chadwick became the Deputy Warden at St. Andrew’s in February of 2023. She has served over the years with the Vestry, Altar Guild, Friends of St. Andrew’s, Anglican Church Women, synod delegate, St Andrews Quilters and helped organize the Christmas Hampers for a number of years.

Susan trained as a Flight Service Specialist at the Transport Canada Training Institute in Cornwall, Ontario.  Afterwards she was posted to various locations including Prince Albert SK, La Ronge SK, Resolute Bay, NU, and Lynn Lake before returning to Winnipeg in 1996.  Retirement beckoned in 2022, which allowed Susan to pursue her twin passions of reading and quilting. This, in turn, resulted in a small business opportunity for long-arm quilting and volunteer opportunities at Deer Lodge Centre in the Recreation Department.

Susan joined Sea Cadets in 1982, beginning a journey which continues to this day. She enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces as an officer with the Cadet Instructor Cadre in 1986, serving with two different Sea Cadet Corps, an Air Cadet Squadron and volunteering with a Navy League cadet corps.  Since rejoining her original Corps (RCSCC JT Cornwell VC) in 1996, Susan has served in a number of different capacities including the corps' Commanding Officer(twice).

Susan divides her time in the summer months between the family cottage on Lake of the Woods and attending Winnipeg Blue Bomber games. Susan travels to Grey Cup Festival week each year, meeting up with old friends and making new ones, a tradition that started in 2008.  Winter months are highlighted by attending RMTC productions, the Winnipeg Jets and Manitoba Moose games.


Sue Marlatt
Rector's Warden

Sue Marlatt became St. Andrew’s Deputy Warden in February 2021. She has enjoyed and continues to enjoy many various roles in our church, some of which include serving on Vestry, Altar Guild, and Worship Committee.

Sue is a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend. She feels blessed to have her three children, siblings and their children and mom all living within an hour from her. Retirement allows for regular visits together. Chris and Sue love hosting Sunday dinners for as many family and their dogs who can come each week.

Education is Sue’s background and passion. She was part of St. James School Division for over 32 years where she taught at various grade levels, provided curriculum support at the Division level and was an administrator at the elementary level.

Since retiring Sue has remained involved through working as a Faculty Advisor at the University of Winnipeg and by volunteering in her daughter’s classroom.  Sue and Chris love to travel and since retiring have had several amazing trips such as the one to Africa and to the South Pacific.

Scrapbooking adventures is one of the ways that Sue keeps busy. She also loves walking and yoga both while in Winnipeg and while travelling. Travel to her own backyard is what happens each summer as Sue is an avid gardener and loves spending time in her many gardens.

Sue is very active in her sorority, Alpha Delta Kappa, where she currently serves as President-Elect, Membership Chair and Historian. She is proud of the work her sorority does in the area of altruism, world understanding and excellence in education. 

Shirley Bender
People's Warden

Shirley Bender became the Deputy Warden at St. Andrew’s in February of 2022. Prior to this she has been the Synod Delegate for 4 years and is a member of the Vestry, Altar Guild, Friends of St. Andrew’s and the home visiting team.

Bob and Shirley have two children and two grandchildren – life’s greatest treasures in her opinion. Shirley has a much-loved extended family and good friends she loves to spend time with.  It is time well spent. Peggy, the family canine makes sure that she gets out for her walks every day.

Shirley graduated from Brandon University with an education degree - with a Special Education major. She is blessed to have been a part of the ongoing improvements that have occurred over the years in terms of the service delivery to our exceptional students - and is proud to have been a part of those changes.

Shirley belongs to a book club, a quilting group and a photography group. The Benders have travelled  somewhat and look forward to adding more of this to the  ‘To Do’ list in the near future.

Shirley often refers to St. Andrews as her other family.

 “I so enjoy all of the people of St. Andrews and am happy to be able to contribute in any way that I can.”

St. Andrew's Vestry
In the Anglican tradition, the “Vestry” is what other churches might call a “church board.” It’s the leadership body responsible for the parish.

“Vestry” originally referred to the room in the church “in which the vestments, vessels, and other requisites for Divine worship are kept and in which the clergy robe” (The Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church). However, since the vestry was the room in which church business meetings took place, the word also came to mean “an elective body…composed of the rector and a group of elected parishioners administering the temporal affairs of the parish” (Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary).

Simon King
Music Director

Simon began as the Music Director at St. Andrew Woodhaven in September 2022. Prior to being with us Simon was employed as the music director/organist at St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church, since November 2016. Simon is a member of the Royal Canadian College of Organists.

Simon is also an accompanist in the Manitoba Theatre for Young People musical theatre program, a position which requires him to follow and collaborate with the class teacher in leading youngsters successfully into performance.

He is in his the fourth year of Bachelor of Music at Canadian Mennonite University with a major in Comprehensive Studies. Course highlights: Biblical Theological Studies, Group Communication, Leading Music and Worship, and Conducting.  

Simon's principal instruments are piano and organ. Additionally, he is a multi-instrumentalist including guitar, bass, ukulele, some banjo, percussion, and melodica (but not all at the same time).

Outside of university, he has taken up classes in writing for theatre, stand-up and sketch comedy. He has studied and been engaged with the improv community as a performer and accompanist since 2010. He has been a keyboard player and singer-songwriter in a rock band.

Catherine Atkin
Administrative Assistant

Catherine Atkin began her employment with St Andrew Anglican Church in December, 2019.  Catherine has 25 years of experience working in the position of Office Administrator for a variety of churches in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land. 

Catherine enjoys supporting people as they explore their personal ministries and growth in the parishes where they worship. Catherine has a daughter and a son.  She also has two granddaughters who she loves spending time with! 

St. Andrew's Lay Readers

The Lay readers in our church have made a specific commitment to their parish priest and wardens to use their existing and developed gifts in ministry to the glory of God and for the benefit of the church. Thank you!

St. Andrew's Servers

We are blessed to have Skylar and Eva as our servers. We are always eager to welcome more!

St. Andrew's Altar Guild
We are the ones chosen to prepare for the meeting of the people with our God.”

The purposes of Altar Guild are:

  1. To care for the altar and its furnishings and linens, and to prepare it for each service;
  2. To care for the sanctuary of the church;
  3. To perform any other necessary duties to prepare the sanctuary and chancel for worship.

Members of the altar guild are grateful servants: servants of God, servants of God’s people, servants of the liturgy, and servants of the worship space. We care for the objects used in worship and we handle them carefully and respectfully, because these objects have been dedicated in prayer for use in worship for the glory of God.

We also care for the sanctuary of the church. The work of the Altar Guild is to ensure that our sanctuary reflects the holiness and the joy that we all create together in our worship.

Most of what we do is invisible to the congregation, and is meant to be that way. The work we do facilitates and enhances our worship and particularly the Eucharist and should never distract from it.

St. Andrew's Finance Committee
Sound financial stewardship is recognized as a priority at St. Andrew’s. This stewardship is the responsibility of the Finance Committee whose mandate is to:
  • Provide proactive communication to Vestry and the Congregation regarding the financial health of the church
  • Monitor the cash flow of the Church and understand root causes of the differences
  • Ensure the church is utilizing the most suitable and up-to-date information technology
  • Recommend financial investments and uses of Parish Funds
  • Present to the Vestry and the Congregation the Operating and Capital budgets for approval at the Annual General Meeting in February of each year.  

Current members of the Finance Committee are:  Sue, Pat G, Erin, Laura F. Pat C, Tim, Laura R, Ken, and George along with our Treasurer and Reverend.  The Rector’s Warden is the current Chair of the Finance Committee. 

The Finance Committee meets approximately five times a year to ensure the committee’s mandate is achieved. To ensure greater transparency, the minutes of Finance Committee meetings are forwarded to each member of Vestry and are available to all members of the parish.  

The Treasurer provides complete financial information to both the Finance Committee and Vestry at their respective regularly scheduled meetings.  The Finance Committee is a sub-committee of Vestry and makes financial recommendations to Vestry who are ultimately responsible for making the final decision(s).