Your Church Leaders

Clergy, Wardens, Lay Readers, Vestry, Music Director, Servers, and Altar Guild

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Rev Liz Richens


 The Reverend Liz Richens Incumbent The Rev. Liz Richens has been a priest in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land since 2009, during which time she has served in several churches, including the successful merger of three churches into a new parish and mission center.

She received a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of Winnipeg, followed by her Master of Divinity at Trinity College, University of Toronto.  She continues to study, attending conferences and reading on a regular basis in order to keep up to date on contemporary theology.  She also has been increasing her knowledge in the secular sectors with courses on communication, physical and mental first aid, as well as project management.

Rev. Liz has been married to her husband Andy, a tattoo artist, for 13 years and has an eight year old son named Sydney.  Their home also includes a canine companion named Harley.

She has travelled extensively, notably throughout Canada, Israel and Japan.  Although she hasn’t travelled too much recently, their family normally hosts international students and they enjoy meeting the people and having the experience of this ministry of hospitality.

Rev. Liz is also a Scout leader with the Cub Scouts, including her son, and together they spend time planning adventures, paddling and camping.  Their family also goes camping throughout the year.  Other hobbies and activities Rev. Liz enjoys are gardening, reading in her hammock, baking, and a variety of needlework.  During COVID she has spent the majority of her time homeschooling her son, expanding her garden and completing a variety of sewing projects. 

Catherine Atkin

Administrative Assistant

 Catherine Atkin began her employment with St Andrew Anglican Church in December, 2019.  Catherine has 25 years of experience working in the position of Office Administrator for a variety of churches in the Diocese of Rupert’s Land. 

Catherine enjoys supporting people as they explore their personal ministries and growth in the parishes where they worship. Catherine has a daughter and a son.  She also has two granddaughters who she loves spending time with! 

Catherine loves to travel and with family now on both the east and west coast she looks forward to many trips in her future.  Her past travels have taken her to Alaska and the Yukon, California, Cancun, Cozumel, and Playa del Carmen and most recently Italy, Austria and Switzerland.  She hopes to make her way back to Europe in the near future.  

Catherine spends her free time trying new recipes (usually Italian), knitting, sewing, walking, cycling and being a member of a book and knitting club   

Lynne Tovell

Rector's Warden

 Lynne & Gord moved to St James in 1968 and immediately became members of St. Andrew’s Woodhaven.  During the early years Lynne remained in the background while Gord was actively involved in the church’s activities. They raised four wonderful children and now have nine amazing grandchildren.

Upon retirement from the Child Guidance Clinic (where Lynne worked as a School Psychologist) Lynne became more involved in church life.  She developed and manages the church website, was active on the church’s 100th Anniversary Committee, was the Vestry Clerk for 5 years and now is the Rector’s Warden.

Lynne’s love of animals is well known and she laughs at how her two dogs Bronson and Elvis make her get up every morning.  Whenever she has the chance she loves to tell you about her wonderful Icelandic horse Vilja and her experiences riding through the trails in Riding Mountain National Park. 

She is very involved with the Clear Lake Cottage Owners’ Association and has been their Executive Director for the past 21 years. 

Lynne’s latest passion is her volunteer work with the Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert – she always has a story or two about some amazing reunite that has just happened.

The church has always been a focal point for the Tovells and the church family has been a great support especially in recent years.  Lynne appreciates the friendships that have developed through her involvement with the church and is quick to share how much enjoyment she gets from working with the Corporation and Vestry.  She feels very blessed to be a part of such a wonderful church community. 

Lay Readers

The Lay readers in our church are a devoted group of people who have made a specific commitment to their bishop, parish priest and churchwardens to use their existing and developed gifts in ministry to the glory of God and for the benefit of the church. Their role is primarily liturgical in nature. They have a responsibility to be an active member of the ministry team in their parish, assisting during services as directed by the incumbent. Examples include:

  • reading scriptures,
  • officiating services,
  • administering the chalice,
  • leading the prayers of the people 


Authority is given by the bishop in the form of a bishop’s license.

The Lay readers at St. Andrews work on a rotational basis.

St. Andrews Lay Readers include:

Noreen Pontin

Doreen Pattie

Lora Lynne Molloy

Contact Person:  Noreen Ponton  204 837-6019

Altar Guild

The Altar Guild is the liturgical partner of the Priest. As one Altar Guild manual puts it, “We are the ones chosen to prepare for the meeting of the people with our God.” (Working Manual for Altar Guilds, Dorothy Diggs)

The purposes of Altar Guild are:

  1. To care for the altar and its furnishings and linens, and to prepare it for each service;
  2. To care for the sanctuary of the church;
  3. To perform any other necessary duties to prepare the sanctuary and chancel for worship.

Members of the altar guild are grateful servants: servants of God, servants of God’s people, servants of the liturgy, and servants of the worship space. We care for the objects used in worship and we handle them carefully and respectfully, because these objects have been dedicated in prayer for use in worship for the glory of God.

We also care for the sanctuary of the church. The work of the Altar Guild is to ensure that our sanctuary reflects the holiness and the joy that we all create together in our worship.

Most of what we do is invisible to the congregation, and is meant to be that way. The work we do facilitates and enhances our worship and particularly the Eucharist and should never distract from it.


Contact Person:  Sue Marlatt – 204-795-0824