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Grow Hope 2023 

Support Wiebe’s Soybean Field 

Grow Local – Help International 

St. Andrew’s Mission and Ministry Committee is asking for your help by contributing to this year’s P.W.R.D.F. “Grow Hope” campaign.

Please consider a donation via cheques or direct withdrawal between the following dates July 9th to October 30th, 2023.

Kindly mark your envelope and cheques with Grow Hope.  Please identify Grow Hope in the comment box. At the end of the year, a tax receipt will be issued as part of your charitable donations to St. Andrew’s.

Cheques may be left on the Collection plate, or mailed or dropped in the mailbox at the Church.

Our goal is to raise at least $650 to pay for the seed, fuel and other necessities needed to grow 15 acres of crops for the Wiebe Family Farm 30 minutes outside of Winnipeg. The Wiebe Family will donate the proceeds to the Canadian Food Grains Bank/PWRDF

The money raised will be matched by the Canadian government. Proceeds will be forwarded to Primates World Relief and Development for use in a Food Security Program in Kenya.

After harvest, a $650 donation could be worth as much as $ 1950 - $2600 after matching.

Thank you in advance for your generous support of this important initiative.

Lynne Spiring-Whitten St. Andrew’s PWRDF Representative