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At our recent Annual General Meeting, following the presentation of our proposed budget, Reverend Liz presented our finances in a different light. A handout entitled Finances in Review was shared with parishioners and is attached to this post. 

Using the pie charts and graphs, Rev. Liz explained the many ways our finances are put to good use. Her initial graph shared the operating expenses of the church. Minister’s Stipend and Administrative Support are 64% of our expenses. These costs as well as other areas of expense are further explained, such as what the apportionment money goes towards. Knowing what our contribution supports, such as the recent mapping workshop through the PWRDF is important. Did you know the apportionment money also goes toward Indigenous Ministries and Refugee sponsorship? Reverend Liz also included a description of the Administrative cost breakdown.

Reverend Liz’s pie chart, “Use of Clergy Time”, clearly delineates how her time is broken into various important roles within our church and community.  We are fortunate to have a leader who values and prioritizes education for herself and her congregation. We experience time well spent when we hear her sermons,  and attend Bible Study. Likewise, her time spent on pastoral care is of upmost importance. There are many meetings, but Reverend Liz’s presence is always so welcome as she contributes her ideas and opinions.  We hope she doesn’t have to spend too much more time working on technology!

As hard as it was to propose a deficit budget, we have to remember the message Reverend Liz shared…

“We have a wonderful and active parish here at St. Andrew’s.” Just take a look back at the handout to see what happens in our church on a weekly and yearly basis! “However, when we look at our finances we tend to look at the parish budget in terms of Income vs Expense, how much we are in the Red, in debt. The numbers are not the only way to look at our parish finance. If you look at what those expenses represent, that they have funded in terms of ministry, outreach and mission then we get a fuller picture. St. Andrew’s is not a parish drowning in debt, it is a parish that is vital and active in ministry and this ministry is funded through the generosity of the parish.”