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PWRDF Grow Hope -- Planting Seeds of Hope in Tanzania 2024 

Submitted by Lynne Spiring-Whitten June 4,2024

Once again PWRDF will support the growing project in Tanzania due to the outstanding success of the program in 2023. 

The Wiebe Family have increased their crop donation from 15 acres to 40 acres for this year. The wheat crop has been planted and seedlings are already popping up. The Wiebe Family will donate the profits from the sale of their wheat to PWRDF who in turn work with the Canadian Food Grains Bank. Global Affairs Canada will match the funds 3 to 1 to a maximum of $183,000 for the Tanzanian Food Project.And you can be a part of this project.  

How Can You Help? 

Consider donating to Grow Hope using the Blue Envelope. Label the envelope Grow Hope. Your donation is tax deductible and will be included with your donations at year end. Or if you prefer you could E Transfer identifying the funds for Grow Hope. Please contact me for E Transfer information 

Tanzania Project Impact 2023

In Tanzania, people living in the Nyarugusu Refugee Camp have limited access to livelihood opportunities. The “Vegetable Production in Nyarugusu Refugee Camp” project is providing agricultural training and farming inputs to improve their food security and opportunities to sell their excess produce:

  • 810 farmers (699 female, 111 male) completed training on gender equality, nutrition and dietary diversity, composting, mulching, integrated pest management, seed preservation, marketing and other aspects of year-round vegetable production. The participants were also educated on nutrition and food preparation

Following the training, farmers received:

          Tools: hand hoes, hand sprayer pumps, rakes and watering cans;

          Seeds: 20.25 kg of amaranth, African nightshade, kale, spinach, onion, African eggplant       and black beauty eggplant vegetable seeds;

          Tree seedlings: 4,147 neem, 3,607 Spanish cedar, 5,685 papaya, 2,195 passionfruit, 4,082 avocado, 169 mango, 464 moringa and 2,865 Siamese cassia tree seedlings to increase fruit and timber production.

Trickle Down Effect 2023 

The women grew in self-esteem and confidence as the project included groups of 30 participants headed by 2 leaders. One of which had to be a woman. The female led groups performed better and yielded better results.   

The children are growing up healthier with a decrease in skin infections. And participating farmers distributed to 14 other farmers.