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The Wardens and Reverend Liz have been very busy this month and have made two significant decisions that will affect the parish.  The first is that as of November 28th, 2021 proof of full vaccination will be required in order to participate in the worship service on Sundays.  We believe this is one step to ensure our parishioners are safe while attending services.  We will continue to require masks, social distancing and sanitizing of hands.   Rev Liz has offered to hold a second weekly service on Mondays at noon for those who do not wish to disclose their vaccination status.  Pre-registration will be necessary for this service – this can be done by calling the church at 204-832-0117.

The second decision is that the church doors will NOT be locked during church services.  This decision was made after extensive discussions and reviewing the feedback from both Vestry and parishioners.  We have introduced safety procedures including having at least one person at the door at all times with access to a cell phone.  We are also installing security cameras and are exploring purchasing a panic button with direct communication to the police (which can also be used by Rev Liz and Catherine when they are working in the church by themselves).

The upside of requiring proof of vaccination is that we can initiate the Coffee Hour after Sunday services again – this will start November 28th.  We also are planning the Annual Tree Lighting event on Saturday, November 27th.  Instead of a Pot Luck dinner we will be having a Souper Saturday where the soup will be provided for everyone.  We will be asking for a $5 per person donation to cover the cost of the food and pre-registration will be required.  Keep your eyes out for more information!

Take care and be kind to yourself and others.

Rev Liz Richens – Incumbent 204-897-8455

Lynne Tovell – Rector’s Warden 204-899-6926

Lisa Churchward – People’s Warden 204-955-6470

Sue Marlatt - Deputy Warden 204-795-0824