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Dear Parishioners of St Andrew’s                                                                                                        2019 has been a challenging year for St Andrew’s in many aspects. As of October 31st, the deficit is $25, 257.58. It is hoped that offerings for November and December will decrease this amount and bring us closer to a balance.  

As in your homes, expenses continue to rise as (offering) income decreases or remains the same. Salaries and maintenance of our church and hall continue to be the main draw on our finances. As well as day-to-day costs, safety fire exit signs were installed, the hand railings on the steps facing Portage renewed, the hot water tank in the hall replaced as well as repairs to the air conditioner and furnace exhaust system. The lift in the church continues to be of concern regarding its longevity and a fund-raising campaign has been started to raise $22 thousand dollars necessary for its replacement.  

An adjustment to the Ministry and Mission (Apportionment) amount to the Diocese, at the end of the year totaling 75% of the requested (12.5% of our operational budget) was paid.  

The St Andrew’s Equity Fund (unallocated interest earned in the Investment Account) makes it possible for St Andrew’s to meet its obligations, but as the interest is used, less growth is possible.  

To meet the needs and obligations of St Andrew’s, an increase in income is needed. There are manageable ways for us to increase our support by:  

  • Attending and contributing to fund-raisers for the Lift Fund,
  • Supporting Souper Sunday for Agape Table (which helps us contribute to Outreach),
  • Attending and contributing to events such as: Pancake Supper, Hoe Down, Bazaar, St Andrew’s Breakfast, Christmas Craft Vendor Sale, etc.
  • If you are able, give a 13th month (an amount equal to an extra month’s offering) or a 53rd week’s offering  

We are pleased to report your support for the Christmas Tree Lights ‘campaign’ raised sufficient funds to cover the costs for the next two years.  

There are many other ways your support would be and is appreciated.  For example, helping to set up the Parish Hall for rentals and other special occasions, volunteering to be a sidesperson or lay reader, or participating in one of the many organizations that are necessary to ensure our church functions well.  

St Andrew’s has a wonderful history of working together to accomplish great things. I am asking you to do what you can to keep St Andrew’s on target for 2020. Your assistance in compiling the 2020 budget is needed and your pledge card for the coming year is included in this letter. Please fill it out and return it to the Church – by mail or placing it in the red box at the back of the Church. The information on the pledge card is strictly confidential, known only to the one member of the Finance Committee who compiles the total projected income for 2020.  

If you wish to enroll in, or change your PAR contribution, complete the enclosed application and submit with your pledge.  

Thank you for your continued support and may God bless you!   

Yours in faith,     George V. Wright Chairperson,  Finance Committee