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Outreach is very much an important part of our Ministry at St. Andrew’s Church. Some outreach is given in terms of money, but another important part of our outreach program is facilitating community spirit and supporting social justice.   Most of the expenses for the Christmas Hampers are covered by generous donations from our members of food, gifts and money. The rest comes from our Operating Account.  A huge thank you to Susan for leading our wonderful team of volunteers  who sort, shop, wrap and deliver many Christmas hampers every year.   The Anglican Church Women’s group regularly contributes to various local charities,  especially those supporting women. The revenue from their monthly rummage sales as well as the Christmas Bazaar are most welcome contributions to many outreach projects.   Non-perishable items are welcome at the church to be donated to St. Matthew’s Maryland. Thank you to Grace and Denis for transporting our contributions.   Through Plan International we continue to support our Foster Child, Estenson who lives with his family in Haiti.