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Starting now we urge you to find a box or basket and add one item a day for our Christmas Hampers.  You can then bring them to church on White Gift Sunday - this will be a tremendous help for the organizers of the hampers.  Here are some suggestions of needed items:  1 L Fruit juice (100% juice), canned soup, canned veggies, jelly powder, canned fruit, mac & cheese, pasta (boxed), pasta sauce, oatmeal (a big package is better than individual servings), tuna, pea-nut butter, beans in sauce, pancake mix, pancake syrup, stuffing mix, jam, cookies, cake mix (frosting optional), candy, gravy mix, cranberry sauce, scalloped or mashed potatoes, 2 kg sugar, tea, and coffee. We will include in each hamper a new toy/gift for each child. It would be nice to include a knitted item for each child, and fantastic to include a story or colouring book for each child as well.